With a length of just 12 seconds the second work featuring actress Megan Gay. The work hijacks a common phenomenon of the media age, using press photographers (or paparazzi) to generate a film: A dreary, rainy day at dawn. Photographers wait outside the building. As soon as the protagonist appears in the exit, they shoot as many photos as possible. The woman hurries down the stairs into a waiting cab. All of the photos are collected, put into chronological order, and form as such a stop-motion animation of the incident.

2009, 12 seconds, 4K or HD 1080p looped video projection with stereo sound. Acting: Megan Gay, Stefan Zeyen. Camera: Sina Ackermann, Barack Bar-Am, Alexander Bartneck, Lars Borges, Georg Fichtenau, Niklas Goldbach, Florian Heß, Oliver Hille, Tilmann Kerkhoff, Simon Krahl, RenĂ© Lehmann, Alexander Lieck, Sandra Lossau, Mato Pavlovic, Bernhard Semmelrock, Erik Smith, Angelina Tasic, Wendy Taylor, Clea Waite.